Tuesday, May 28, 2013



It seems like this cold spring is the story everywhere.  I try to find the beauty in it, and I do love the sodden, gloomy skies and the way pink blossoms look against the storm clouds.  So muted, this year, is everything.  So grayed out.  And then will be one gorgeous blue afternoon—yesterday—of basking in sunshine, lounged lazily on a chair watching birds squabble in the branches above me, Dean spotting a woodpecker camouflaged against a tree and coming to get me, to show me [as I was typing that, just now, just this minute, the woodpecker came again to the fence post outside the window, flicking his bright red cap and his quite dangerous-looking beak—he’s kind of an exotic character here in my neighborhood] and I remember how much I love summer, and the next day, cold and rainy again, can be hard to swallow.  I really want to enjoy these days, though, so for now I’m leaving the tags on my new bikini and bundling up, and there’s lots of knitting.  I always knit year-round (as if there would be any stopping me—I am a vaguely anxious, okay, cantankerous harridan, if you take away my knitting) but in this long, blustery cold season, I’ve been knitting scarves.  Serious woolies.  One way or another, I will be warm.


This pattern is always so rewarding.  When in doubt, when I can’t find anything else fun to make, and when there isn’t a blanket anywhere on the project horizon, I turn to it.  This one is my third in this pattern, and this time I used Noro Silk Garden, scored in the Great 70% Off Sale of 2012.  Of course, I lost the ball bands—there are two skeins each of two different colorways here, alternating against each other in an endlessly interesting striping pattern.  I can hardly knit this scarf fast enough.  I want to see What.  Happens. Next!  




Swoon!  Infallible, this pattern.  It’s a winner, every time.