Sunday, May 26, 2013

Spring Day


This rose grows beside the back door, in an unruly and leggy shrub that threatens to swallow the sidewalk.  It is copious with thorns like needles.  You need a suit of armor to prune it, but I pruned it, hard, and it came back the next year meaner than ever, taller and leggier than before.  I’m a little afraid of it.  But oh my, those blooms smell divine.  They have the scent that other flowers wish they had.  This thing never lets me forget that it is a rose.  In two weeks, these blooms will be full of amorous and starving Japanese beetles and by then my attention will be on the peonies anyway, but right now, today, I can’t walk past this deadly thing, in spite of its clawing branches, without giving it a good hearty sniff. 

I’ve got a new quilt in the works now, too.  These brisk spring sunshine-y days are perfect for quilts.  A quilt is kind of a warm weather thing to me, I don’t know, I just want to spread one on the grass underneath the fireworks.