Sunday, May 5, 2013

The living is easy


Suddenly, it is summer.  It seems to happen that way here.  We have unsettlingly late blasts of unrelenting cold, the occasional mid-April snowstorm, baseball games called due to sleet, and then before you can turn around, maybe later in the same week, it is 85 F and beautiful.  When that happens, I can’t bring myself to sit indoors.  I wash the quilts and hang them out on the clothesline, and then I find all kinds of reasons to sit on the patio and be lazy.  This granny square project has been a perfect companion to summer living, and I’ve spent the last several days with my basket beside my chair, hooking away happily in the sunshine.  One more square to go and it’ll be big enough for a blanket.  That’s exactly how much sitting around I’ve been doing.   There’s a quilt almost finished, but I just can’t be in the house. 

I tore myself away from all this decadence on Friday and went back to Buffalo, City of Dreams, where I managed to meet Peter Tork of the Monkees.  The lone picture of the great moment is trapped in my phone, and a good thing too, because I look a total lunatic.  Well, he’s lovely.  That is all.  The sun is shining, people!  I gotta get outdoors.  If it rains, there might be a quilt soon.  If it doesn’t, I’ll be as brown as a boot and there will be granny squares coming out my ears.