Sunday, June 23, 2013

A short yarn story, the beginning of a cowl, and more beginnings


I was in the yarn shop the other day, because we were nearby, which we almost never are, and it was open.  A lady seated on a sofa near the Malabrigo was knitting, and she asked me what someone will always ask if you go into a yarn shop:  “What are you going to make?”  I said I didn’t know.  Which I didn’t, and don’t.  This is how it goes with me.  I never know what I’m going to make, I just now and then buy some yarn I like, kind of at random, and then, when I do come across something I want to make, I open up the cupboard and see if the right yarn is in there.  If it isn’t, I guess I just go make something else.  And there always turns up something that is just perfect for the yarn I have.  Always! 

So, by way of a labyrinth of blog hopping, I spotted Ann Weaver’s Albers Cowl.  I went to the cupboard, and found a whole lot of fingering weight solids and semi-solids, and they looked well together, and it was good.  Happily, the Albers Cowl involves garter stitch, and Log Cabin-style construction, and it is simple and soothing and portable and, well, everything I want in a project right now.  I also want to make this and this.  I am already headfirst in the cupboard about those, too. 

I know why I need so much garter stitch, so much calming and simplicity.  It is because of this:


He’s so handsome and awesome I can’t stand it.  It was his birthday, too.  So much transition around here.  I am practically dehydrated from all the emotional blubbing.  Oh look at them, on the brink of their bright grown-up lives, remember when they were little?  Mercy, I can hardly manage it.  Enough with the caps and gowns around here already!  Must knit garter stitch!  One Log Cabin-style cowl, coming right up. 


  1. Wow, I can see why you want to knit forever. Congratulations and happy birthday to him.

  2. Oh but the caps and gowns make for a most wonderful day. Can't wait for the 'Caps and Gowns Cowl' to graduate! Have a perfect week.

  3. He is handsome and wonderful and looking forward to the next chapter in his life, but you will always be right there for him. I know how you feel with my oldest away, simple projects are a must.

  4. Nice red attire. Of course you are proud but a little sad too.. Kids grow, but your love for them and their love for you will never fade away!
    Yes, please, I'd like to see your new projects!

  5. He looks so gorgeous ... no wonder you're proud!!! I'm also on a garter stitch love (must be something in the water)! Have had the Stripe Study Shawl on my Ravelry list for ages so maybe we should do a KAL? What colours are you thinking of??? xxx

  6. Happy Birthday to your handsome grown-up-before-your-time son! It all happens too quickly, I know! Feel proud for encouraging and helping him reach this goal and I'm sure he knows you'll be there for him as he progresses further in his walk!
    Love your colours and looking forward to seeing your new projects!
    Joy x

  7. :-) You must be so proud of your son!
    Can't wait to see the latest peojects.....

  8. Oh my! Two graduates for you within a short time! Thank goodness for crafty distractions. Mr. Handsome/Awesome looks ready to meet his future. Good job Mom : )

  9. Ahh, this is lovely post. Best wishes to the new graduate! The Albers square-based pattern is terrific...what fun it will be to experiment with colors...see what happens.


  10. Congratulations to the new graduate :) The Albers is just so lovely...I think it will be wonderful to knit up in so many different colors. It will certainly brighten a winter's day. m.

  11. You are such a wonderful writer Kirsten!
    Congratulation to the graduate! What a wonderful life accomplishment.
    And way to go with the cowl. Love the pattern and your colors are fabulous as always.

  12. Hi there!!! Loved your blog!

    You have new followers from Greece...
    check out...chicates!!!