Sunday, June 30, 2013

Big Triangle


Giant wraps are my new favorite obsession.  They are the coziest things I can imagine, and they offer so much knitting, miles and miles of it, which seems to be what I’m after right now.  This one used to be a sweater, knitted by me about five years ago, and unraveled recently, in order to re-use the yarn.  I think this yarn is Kathmandu DK, a cottony-looking wool with lots of tweedy flecks in it.  It looks kind of recycled, if you know what I mean, like it’s been re-spun, very fluffy.  It’s pretty and soft.  I had spit-joined it all together when I made the sweater, so after unraveling, I was left with one huge ball of this khaki color and two smaller balls in muted shades of lavender and lilac. 


The lavender is going to be what I hope will be a huge ruffle at the bottom edge of what I hope will be a really huge triangle.  I guess what I’m aiming for is half a blanket.  Turning that air-conditioner on, then?  Go ahead, I’ll be ready.  (Ugh, air-conditioning.  Don’t let me get all wound up on that subject.)  This edging right now is at about 700 stitches per knuckle-busting row.  I’ll just say that it’s miserable, and that I can’t wait for it to be over.  There’s no way for 700 stitches to slide happily along any needle. 


In between rows I’ve been massaging my wrists, making jam and pie, thrifting beautiful old mismatched plates, and washing all the quilts.  And binge-watching 30 Rock on Netflix.  My cherry tree is bursting with fruit; I’ll never be able to reach it all, even with the ladder.  Dean picked a half-bushel yesterday morning, in the rain, barely making a dent. It’s a grand thing that they are my very favorite thing to eat.  I’m looking for a sweet cherry pie recipe, got any good ones?


One row at a time.