Monday, June 17, 2013

Crochet Patchwork Pillow; farewell to the scraps


More scrapbusting is happening around here.  I do believe I have mostly tapped out the scraps, if you can believe it.  I just counted, and it looks like I managed to squeeze this, this, this, this, and also this blanket out of the scraps.  And a whole mess of hats too, and maybe some other stuff I’ve forgotten about.  Most of these scraps are leftover from this epic project, made possible by the Great 70% Off Sale of 2012.  So if you’re after making one of those, be warned:  that baby wants a lot of different colors, and you’ll be smothered in leftovers.  Which hasn’t been a terrible thing for me, and it feels strange not to have them anymore.  With the last of them, or the pretty ones anyway, I made this pillow cover; there were just enough different colors left to make it work.  The motif pattern is from The Royal Sisters, found here


What to do now?  It is one of those mornings today, with golden sunshine pouring in the open windows and doves in the garden.  Cloudless blue sky.  It is an old-fashioned morning.  I’d like to tie on an old apron and shoo some hens around, and bake a pie to cool on the windowsill.  Hang the washing on the line.  Later, I think I’ll sit in a rocking chair on the porch, sip an iced tea.  Imagine some non-scrap project possibilities.  Already, I’m thinking about this, which has a lovely, scrappy-ish quality.     


Wow, no scraps left.  What an odd feeling.