Thursday, June 20, 2013

Last Day of Spring Shawl, and the movies





This scarf really hit the spot, knitting-wise.  I haven’t tried to wear it yet, so I don’t know whether it’ll do that usual thing that shawl-shaped things do, which is to make me feel like a poseur hippie on her way to a Ma Ingalls look-alike contest, but knitting it was fun in the extreme, and it went soooo fast, even I can’t believe it’s done already.  I saw Kay’s (scroll down to June 5th) and coveted it madly, so I delved into the stash and cast on immediately.  It is the strangely named Clapo-ktus, which sounds like a sneeze if you say it out loud, made with sock yarn, and which very cleverly uses exactly however much yarn you have.  Simple and interesting, with a razor-sharp efficiency for not creating leftovers.  I quite love it.  [Knit jargon alert:  If you make the leap yourself, I’d suggest doing a M1 for the increases, rather than yo.  Big ol’ holes at one side only.  Yargh.] The yarn is a skein of fingering-weight merino wool in, well, gray, bought at a fiber fair—it came from here.  I can’t wait to wear this.  I’ll wear it today, I think.  It’s a gorgeous, spectacularly sunny day, perfect March weather.  Brr.


Have you guys been to the movies lately?  I don’t know if this is happening everywhere (oh my goodness, I hope it is) but our movie theater—I’ll tell you about this as if you’re still in the movie theater dark ages—has taken out all the raggedy old flip-down seats and replaced them with, I’m not even kidding, plushy leather-like recliners.  Big, smooshy, like your dad’s chair.  There’s a cup holder in the arm rest.  You watch the movie lying down.  Or curled up on your side, hands tucked up under your chin, cuddled under a blanket, lightly dozing, and I don’t know about you, but $7.50 seems a fair price to pay for two hours of uninterrupted comfort, whether you stay awake for it or not.  Is this happening everywhere?   Can you imagine seeing Star Wars for the first time like that?  Mind=blown.  We saw Before Midnight, and I ‘bout sobbed with the bliss of it all.  I stayed awake.  It was lovely.  On the way out, I tried to hug the kid at the popcorn counter.  Then there was dinner out, with a cocktail, and my darling man and I sat at the table together and just talked and talked and talked.  Happy.