Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Not a skirt


This is not a skirt.


This is not the back panel of Mari Lynn Patrick’s beautiful Sunshine Skirt from the Spring 2004 issue of Interweave Knits.  (Yes, 2004.  What, you don’t have nine years’ worth of pattern magazines cluttering up your workroom?  Hmm.)


This is two days’ work, which in the big picture is not that much.  But it isn’t a skirt.


It would be 3/4 of a skirt.  If I weighed 90 pounds.   Hang on, I just want to look at this for another minute…


…before I have to unravel it all again. 

Either this pattern is deeply flawed, or I am, and I’m guessing me.  Raveller Dominik tried to help.  I thought I had this one.  Cottony soft DK weight yarn, in a simple two-panel design, worked flat.  Easy instructions.  Fun and interesting stitch patterns.  What could possibly go wrong?  Well, gauge, for one, and also my basic lack of ability to count things (aargh), not to mention my rudimentary grasp of decreasing in crochet, and my haphazard attitude toward pattern-following in general.  A perfect storm. 

Discouraging, but I am undeterred.  I shake my fist in defiance of failure!  Sunshine Skirt, this is not over. 


  1. I love the work you have done in the skirt that is not a skirt - yet. It seems a shame to have done so much only to pull it all apart again. But I am sure when you finish it it will look lovely. Can't wait.
    xXx Helen

  2. I think the stitches looks really pretty but I understand your frustration. Right now I'm making what was a teeny-tiny dress for my four-year-old that is starting to look like it will fit ME by the time it's done. Clearly, something isn't right.

  3. Hang on in there, girl! I know just how you feel - I've got any number of WIP waiting for inspiration to pick them up again, when something has gone wrong - but we will win in the end! Love x

  4. Hi Kristen, That's looking really beautiful with all those different patterns. Wow...I really like this! I know you'll fix whatever it is that needs fixing and it will be just perfect in the end! :)

  5. Oh dear, such a pity it's not working out as it should for you've done such a beautiful job with those stitches - it looks so complicated!
    I do wish you the very best with it!
    Joy x

  6. Oh poor you, such details and time needed to remake it again, I am impressed at your tenacity, hang in there x Penny

  7. Kristen, I hardly ever make up a test swatch to check gauge measurements...particularly when crocheting is involved. I've had many a slowly arriving realization that I might just have some incorrect proportions underway.


    Unravel. Decide if you wish the yarn to have a bit of a rest...and then begin anew.

    Best wishes.

  8. hee hee. show it who's boss ;)

  9. Okay I went and checked out Ravelry to see what this looked like. It's going to be a beaut if you can best it,(and I am sure you can), but all I can think about is what to wear under it. There's going to be a lot of sunshine peeking through all those holes : )

  10. Oh that is just crazy... To have to undo so much of such a great work. But I understand what you mean it. I have been working so hard on my ripple blanket just to find out I had made a mistake 20 rows down. . . I had to put it away for a little way n will checked in again in a bit. I do not like to undo things. It always feels strange.
    So I hope you future it out, and come back to show us all. S

  11. Oh no Kristen. That is such a shame. Can't it be anything else? the yarn is so lovely and the stitches so varied. I know you like to have it right. Good Luck. I am off to cut out another 60's tunic because I am over it now...Jo x


  12. A perfect storm of a sunshine skirt?! hmmm Such pretty lace too. And I thought I had problems making various stitch patterns all work into an 8-inch blanket square. It ain't over till it's over! Good luck with this Kristen! Wendy :)

  13. It looks pretty pretty pretty, I understand your frustration but wish you all the best with this beautiful crochet work.

  14. Hang in there! Can't wait for the finished project! What you have done looks amazing... never seen anything like it!

  15. LOL! This sounds so familiar. At least the yarn is perfect! And you'll get it right. Eventually! ;)

  16. Oh no, I beg you Sweet Lady, don't frog it, wing it! You're work is truly amazing and that pattern looks very,very complicated. Have a good weekend. x