Thursday, June 6, 2013

Simple Knitting


So much yarn-related activity is happening right now.  A flurry of yarn.  A blizzard.  In-progress scarves and hats are everywhere (I guess because I’m cold?) and crocheted (non-granny!) squares, worked Just Because.  Just because that’s what one does.  Yesterday, I found myself hanging around waiting in the hallway of a university engineering department, waiting with anticipation for something good to happen (which it did) and of course, as I waited, I whipped out a ball of yarn (you would have, too) which drew some looks of confused intrigue from the passing scientists.  They had clearly never seen the likes of me.  I was having a confidence crisis anyway, and feeling a little bit simple, you know, surrounded by geniuses as I was, and I found I was just kind of clinging to my little squares, working madly at them, in a big hurry to finish one and have something to show for myself.

More cotton/angora dishcloths.  They comfort me, from the knitting to the scrubbing.  That yarn lived in my cupboard for so many years, just waiting to become something useful.  I see it’s discontinued now, which is too bad.  It makes the best ever dishcloths.