Friday, June 7, 2013

Wooly kerchief

I spent a day watching Before Sunrise with the luminous Julie Delpy and the impossibly young Ethan Hawke—when did that movie come out, anyway?  It feels like it’s been a long time.  I could look it up, but I guess I’m content just to wonder.  I love that film.  I love how they just talked and talked and talked, and didn’t get mad or take offense or get bored or run out of things to say, but they didn’t decide they were madly in love, either.  And those nighttime in Vienna camera shots, all gorgeous glowing streetlamps, oh man.  Sigh. 
So, riveted by 90’s nostalgia and daydreams about spontaneous romance on a train from Budapest to Vienna, I sat there and knitted this thing, this little kerchief thingy, all in one morning.  It is the Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief; that name is bigger than the scarf is, but so evocative.  A scarf with a name like that wanted me to knit it in gray, but something else called to me from the cupboard, so I used a Madelinetosh DK “onesie” in the color “Lowland”.  It’s gray enough, right? 
This little eyelet detail looks like links of chain.  So steampunky!  Anyway, I hardly had to look at it at all, just back and forth, eyes glued to the charming Jesse and beautiful Celine, and of course, that’s too much knitting all at once, and now my thumbs hurt.  I won’t bother telling you about how I blocked it—of course I blocked it, you knew that—and as it dried, I cleaned the floors and planned to bake cookies.  I say planned, because (maybe I’m alone in the world on this; tell me if you agree) I like the dough better than the cookies, and none of it actually made it into the oven.  Well, there you have it.  Oven-free cookies.  Make the dough, freeze it in a plastic bag, and break off pieces to eat when you feel peckish.  If you’re afraid of salmonella, leave out the eggs.  I digress.
I don’t want to harp on about the weather, because it’s miserable most everywhere this year, and my neighbors to the west have it so much worse than just cold and rain, but dang.  It just doesn’t feel like June.  I will be wearing this wool kerchief.  This year, this week.  Luckily, it’s beautiful. 
Meanwhile, there still must be yarn action, but my thumbs hurt, so you know what that means.
When you can’t knit, you crochet.  And vice versa. 


  1. Oh beautiful scarf Kristen! Just right for a onesie. Oven free cookies sound amazing, and if no one sees you eat the dough, I'm pretty sure the calories don't count either! Hope you get some June-like weather soon. I am still visiting my daughter on the coast, and it's going to be 107 degrees back at home. I'm glad I'm here where it's cool.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. That is too gorgeous Kristen,I love the colour and steam-punky effect! wishingyou sun shiny days xox Penny

  3. It's beautiful. I love the color and I definitely see steam-punkishness. That movie came out in 1994, I think. Whoa.

  4. I've never heard of that film but will look out for it. I love your neckerchief, the pattern and the colour are perfect. I'm knitting a garter stitch one for my sister for when she's on her motorcycle. She wants beads on it too (the neckerchief, not the bike!) - well, I ask you! Have a good weekend.

  5. I'm also a big fan of that movie. You know the one you mention is the second one.
    First there was "Before sunrise" (1995) this is the one about Vienna, then they made "Before sunset" (2004) where the two of them meet again in Paris and all they do is talking (once more) and walking through Paris. It ends with Delpy singing a wonderful song.
    And this year their 3th movie got out. It is called "before midnight". Haven't seen it yet but sure am going to.

    If you like this kind of movie you should probably also watch "two days in Paris". It is a bit the same.

    1. Whoops, you're right! I've edited above so as not to confuse. :)

  6. Forgot to mention that 2 Days in Paris is directed by Delpy and she's also in it. There's lot of humor in this one and loads of talking as well.
    In this one is a gorgeous very fat cat that is aptly called "bouf-shit-dors"

    1. Oh yes, I adore this movie, too! Time for a re-view of that one, as well.

  7. That is a beautiful kerchief Kristen and the colour looks so right for the pattern! Your crochet blocks are looking great too!
    You have raised my interest in that film and I must look for it - and now Brigitte gives more info on the before and to come productions, thank you B also - they sound like my kind of films!

  8. hello,
    I like simple kerchief, it is very cute,I like your blog very much, Every time I can see marvelous things, thank you,
    love , ania

  9. It's beautiful - love the green/blue/gray colours in the yarn. Loving the styling in that bottom photograph too. Hope your thumbs are less sore soon!

  10. Dear Kristen,

    Once again I had a belly laughing good response to your are so funny Kristen.....I thought that only I did things like snitching the cookie dough before I had a chance to cook it all.

    Sorry about your doesn't sound good, in fact our winter sounds better than your summer.

    Despite your weather you have managed to come up with a most beautiful scarf and crocheted squares. When I overdo it and my body reacts, I swap crafts too....have you tried tatting yet?

    Looking forward to the next funny post..... and beautiful hand made item.



  11. I know what you mean about your thumbs Kristen....I'm currently making two crochet bags for a commission so decided last night that I just HAD to knit .... so embarked on a woolly hat for another friend....well you just have to, don't you?

  12. I totally agree with the pain barrier thing, I have even thrown sewing into the mix to use some different muscles. I had that vintage pattern thingy that you had.. check out me stuffed into a very small tunic! Jo x

  13. Love the scarf and the choice of yarn/color!!
    I never bake the cookies I make for myself!!!!!
    I have to agree the weather has been akin t the summer of '67 all rainy cold and gray.....
    No matter to me as long as I have yarn, my computer, and Your Blog to read (and Lucy's from Attic24!!!!!!)

  14. Hi Kristen, oh my gosh I am loving your blog! I just popped over here from September Violets to see what all the hub bub was and... well, I'm now following your blog :D
    thanks for sharing such a great post... oh, and I love the scarf thingy your created...
    Hugs from a new friend,
    Beth P

  15. Love the kerchief! And you were fantastically quick!

  16. So pretty. Sometimes I'm amazed a how quickly you can make things. Do you sleep at all? Fantastic work as always and now you made me curious about the movies. I'm going to look for them and try to watch it. :)

  17. I love it!!! You're so fast - this would take me months!!! :-)