Thursday, July 25, 2013



There’s something about knitting a hat that makes me go a little crazy.  Might be how small and quick they are to finish, or how portable, or how readily they lend themselves to color play—mostly it’s that, I think.  I just know it seems to work for me to have a combination of Big Projects (such as that goes with me, you know—the seed stitch wrap is proceeding at an appropriate crawl, you’ll be pleased to hear) and smaller, more manageable projects that can be accomplished so I can move on to something else.  A hat is done before I know it, and as I knit, I am eyeballing the yarn pile, waiting for the next brainstorm. 


I’ve used a few different patterns here—I’ll link them all for you next time—and some are improvised by me on the spot.  Really, once you know the formula for making a hat, the world is your oyster.  Here’s a quick and dirty hat recipe:  Cast on a number divisible by X, work a ribbing or edging or whatever, then knit around in whatever stitch pattern you want until the hat is however long you figure is right, then start decreasing by knitting X -2, then knit two together, around.  Knit one round plain, then knit X –3, knit two together, around.  Etc.  Until you run out of stitches or feel like it’s getting too pointy, then you just knit two together all the way around for a little while, or decrease every row.  When you have a small number of stitches left on the needles, cut the yarn and run the tail through them.  Pull them up snugly and weave in the ends.  Add a pompom if you want.  Done. 


I’ve said before that I don’t often knit for other people, but this pile of hats (and there are more to come) is headed toward a good cause, and along with the satisfaction of helping others and stuff, I have gotten this in return as well:


That’s an original oil painting, done by my beautiful BFF, who can obviously see into my dreams because this little alpine cottage, nestled in the pines at the edge of a poppy meadow, is where I want to live forever.  She is an artist and a rock star.  Everybody wins here, but mostly me. 


  1. What a beautiful colourful pile of hats :-) I'm looking forward to making lots for me this Autumn/Winter as I've recently had my hair cut short so I can wear them again. Hats and a pony tail doesn't work too well lol

  2. Hat crazy! I can see the appeal in hats. They are great stash busters and real no brainers. it is good to knit for a good cause too. Jo x

  3. I love your hats, they're all different and beautifully made. That painting is beautiful, your BFF is a talented lady!

  4. Hi Kristen,Happy happy beautiful hats and for a good cause too!!!That does look like an forever an ever spot!!!Beautiful painting,Luck You!!!Have a fab weekend!!!

  5. Once more my hat's off to you, Kristen :) I love viewing what you prolifically, and I am certain that this particular prolific pile of pretty hats you are creating will bless many! I like the BFF painting as well and can understand why it brings you joy. Thanks for letting us enjoy it, too!
    Gracie xx

  6. Gorgeous hats and painting. The hats will make lots of people happy.

  7. Hi Kristen! Just found your blog, all those beautiful colors, how wonderful, and such talent! I was wondering if you also crochet hats as i do not knit but have started crochet at xmas and am totally addicted! I would love to make me some hats too!

  8. Love your pile of hats! They look great and colorful:)

  9. Gorgeous painting. Loving all those hats ~ Sarah x

  10. After blankets hats are my next best favourite thing x

  11. Love your hats and LOVE the painting. Thanks so much for sharing.


  12. beautiful hats..wish i knew how to do cables...i do lots of hats for charity, its a great cause for sure..
    love the painting, beautiful..
    have a great weekend..

  13. wow - hatpolooza! What a beautiful painting! Your BFF is quite taLented - both at painting and at reading your heart's desire!

  14. Love that pile of hats. Do you perhaps have a crocheted version? I don't knit but love to crochet.