Monday, October 7, 2013



Thank you all for your wonderfully kind comments about my sweater coat.  That thing was such a labor of love.  You can just immerse yourself in a creative process with something like that, which is such a nice place to be.  Of course, as always after the end of a big project, It’s been all starts and stops around here.  I feel full of great ideas, and then some work out and some don’t.  I began a monochromatic knitted log cabin blanket in two colors of teal which looked just wonderful in my head, but 3/64ths of the way in, it was boring and I scrapped it.  I might revisit that idea in something more neutral, but meanwhile something else came along and I’ll do that one first.  More garter stitch.  I don’t know what it is with me and garter stitch lately.  We’re having such a love affair. 


I also started a new cardigan, in brown wool.  The first sleeve is done.  Do I knit a brown wool cardigan every single autumn?  I think I do.  If there’s anything more lovely than a brown knit cardigan in autumn, I’m not sure what it is.  Well, a gray knit cardigan is up there.  And quilts with wool batting.  Mittens.  Naps.  Homemade soup.  But brown is pretty great. 


It’s been so warm that we hear the peepers at night; they’ve been fooled into thinking it’s spring.  But still, it feels like fall.  The outdoor furniture is layered with spent leaves.  The hens are taking apart what’s left of the garden, and laying a million eggs.  Our town smells like apples.  A gigantic spider is living right beside the back door.  His web is so strong that Dean bumped into it yesterday, and it stretched, but did not break, which both amazes me and freaks me completely out.  I keep thinking how good it was that the spider was not at home.  The windows are open, and it rains a little.  Things in the yard turn gold.  I love these transitions from one season to another.  Start, stop.