Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rumply ruffled pillow covers


In the thrift store, I found a bolt of delicious grayish-taupe linen.  It’s that color I think they call French Grey, and it is gorgeous and perfect, so of course I bought the entire thing without even thinking about it, and actually I probably ran so fast to buy it that there were little cartoon zing! clouds of dust in my wake.   I brought it home and was all set to make some ruffle-edged pillow covers when Miss K came down with a bad case of being broken, and the project got squirreled away.  The change of seasons, though, has made me start putting summer blankets away and getting wooly blankets out, and cleaning and everything, kind of battening down the hatches and getting ready for the cozy season, so I brought the bolt out again, washed the whole length of fabric, and made them.

It was a little bit of a pain, because my original plan was to just cut out some rectangles (one big one for the front and two smaller ones for the back) and then fold a long strip in half lengthwise, gather the raw edges with a long machine stitch, and then pin it all together and sew.  It would have been great if it had been that easy, but it wasn’t, and I had to baste the long strip by hand, which turned an hour-long project into something that took a whole evening, but aw, dang, they’re just right, aren’t they?


Rumpled prairie-style; the best thing about linen is how wrinkled it gets, how even when it’s new, it looks like something from your granny’s cottage.  And thrifty—the whole bolt of fabric cost just three dollars.  I’m so happy to see my gingham blanket again, too.  Cozy weather is here.