Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hats finished, and home



(pattern my own, recipe found here)

Oh, the Big Game.  Most of the time I could care less about sports, but sit me down in my stadium and give me a hot dog and a foam hat in team colors, and I will yell until my throat hurts.  I usually don’t care that much, but wow, did I care on Saturday.  So fired up!  GO GREEN!  It rained.  We were packed cheek to jowl into the upper deck, so close that we all kept sitting on each other’s clothes.  You start to form little communities up there.  You step on each others’ feet trying to get to the concession stand, and nobody gets mad.  My brother bought me hot chocolate, and I took off my wet mittens to hold the warm cup, and I knew for a fact that life is wonderful.  We won.  I cried during the alma mater, to absolutely no one’s surprise.   Someday, I’ll start talking about the marching band, and you’ll never get me to stop.  That’s at the very top of the list of things I love. 


(more of my own pattern, same as above)

I also delivered the hats over the weekend.  The satisfaction level on that project was through the roof.  The great heap they made on the table as I sorted and counted and arranged them just made me sigh deeply and think, there


(more formula hats.  See how versatile it is?)

I don’t know when I’ll ever again want to make another hat.  Life is long and I’m sure the mojo will come around again someday.  But don’t ask me for a hat right now.  Just, don’t. 


(pattern:  Eppie Bonnet)

My BFF and I hung out in her studio, and when I admired her paintings, she gave them to me.  [Me:  “But!  Your artwork!”  “You can’t…”  Her:  “Shut up.  Take it.”]


(pattern:  Turn a Square)

We sorted through family pictures and artifacts.  Birth and death certificates, fraternity pins, high school class rings.  Boy scout merit badges from 1955.  My dad’s watch.  War Department letters home from the Ardennes. Things people saved.  There was my mama’s midnight guacamole and lots of wine and laughing and crying.  When we saw the time was 2:00 am, we just set the clock back an hour and kept going.  It felt so great to be home.


(pattern:  Thorpe)


(yellow hat pattern:  Shadow Tuque.  Red and Green?  A mystery…)


(pattern: Happy Granny Hat)

Some of you wags will be counting to see if I made it to forty.  Yes, there were forty—forty-two, counting dear Carolyn’s contributions—but I did not photograph them all.  I was purely overwhelmed by hats and there you have it. 


Keep warm, hometown people. 


  1. Jeetje, that is many many hats!!!!!!!!!!! Don't understand where you find the time to knit so much. Would love to see you knitting, must be at warp speed. They are beautiful. Groetjes from a rainy Holland, Gerda

  2. Worra lorra hats!! You have been busy. It is taking me months and months to do my crochet blanket and you have turned out item after item in the same period of time. You are amazing! I love the cable knit hats best of all! xx

  3. Love the happy granny hats!!! How do you do it??? So many Hats and they are all different!!!! Well done on 40 hats!!! 40 hats is really a lot of hats!!!Sounds like you are done with hats right now!!!!

  4. You are pretty amazing, what a beautiful load of hats.

  5. you're a machine! thanks for the pattern links!

  6. Love the collection! you have tempted me to make some too...

  7. 40 hats??? Amazing! Are you seeing hats in your sleep?

  8. All hats are so very nice - I love stripes - and thanks for sharing the links to the patterns:) !

  9. Oh wow you have been busy they are all great! :)

  10. Wonderful, wonderful hats. I'm so impressed. I think I need to make a couple now, you have inspired me.

  11. ohlal quelle collection !
    celui au crochet me tente ...

  12. Whoaa, so many hats :) Beautiful. They're so colorful, and together look so cute. I like knitting hats too, but yours are amazing. So many. Graet !

  13. I am from Michigan, so I know that game is a big one. I went to Western so I do not quite have the affiliation you do, my brother was a Spartan. Now my son goes to Ohio State, strange I know. Have you seen their band? you have to go to youtube and see their tribute to Hollywood, it is amazing.

  14. Oh my, forty hats! And I'm struggling with finishing two...