Friday, November 15, 2013

Luxury scarf


Sometimes, inspiration can come right from the yarn cupboard itself.  This happens to me all the time.  I’m in there searching around for one thing, and suddenly, I find another.  This time, it was two laceweight yarns, both Jaggerspun Zephyr (a merino and silk blend.)  In two shades of turquoise, they happened to be sitting together on the shelf, and when I saw them, I knew what to do. 


I’m going crazy for a contrasting edge right now; I love it so much.  It makes this thing sort of moderne, no? 

I didn’t use a pattern, this triangular scarf is the simplest thing in the world:  using a US 3 circular needle and holding the yarn double, I cast on at the back of the neck (I don’t remember how many—maybe two?  Four?) and then just worked in stockinette stitch back and forth, increasing twice at the center and once on each end, every right side row.  I maintained two stitches in garter at the edges.  When the yarn from the first ball ran out, I joined the second ball and kept at it for awhile until it seemed like it was time for an edging, at which time I switched to a smaller needle (US 2) and worked garter stitch until it seemed like there was just enough left for a bind off, then I bound off. 

The yarn is gorgeous.  It is deliciously soft, and the silk makes it gleam a little.  Imagine it in candlelight.  When I wear this, I feel glamorous.  I’d like to make a huge one of these in pearl gray, using about ten thousand yards of silky laceweight yarn and spending just countless hours and hours in the plain and soothing monotony of stockinette stitch.  That contrasting space between the dullness of the boring stitches and the utter luxury of the beautiful yarn is such a nice place to be.  I spend each stitch dreaming of the finished piece, how it will transform me.