Friday, November 29, 2013

Using what I have


Inspiration has lately been coming from the stash.  And, as in the case of this garter stitch striped scarf, also from the wonderful book Humans of New York.  [Somewhere near the back, in the last few pages, a woman outside Carnegie Hall, I think.  I’d have to go look again.  Go get the book and flip to the back, you’ll see it.]  Finding that photo--in a book not about knitting or yarn or scarves--and then finding these two yellow yarns sitting fortuitously beside one another, the darker one of which is a leftover from a years-ago requested and long-gone pair of Hufflepuff socks, has triggered this project.  Nice and plain, with color.  Yarn!  You rock. 

Also stash:


When this is gone, the tapestry granny thingy will be finished.  So close! 

Also stash:


A cardigan for me, in a light-sucking brown yarn the color of Hershey bars.  The sleeves are already finished, and I noticed, too late to do anything but rip them out and start over which I have decided not to do, that I had knit the stitch pattern incorrectly.  Well, who cares, it’s a brown cardigan, the 2013 version of my Annual Brown Cardigan.  When winter really gets here, I’ll do the next predictable thing and make a gray one.  The yarn is already—wait for it—in the stash.  Also, it snowed.