Saturday, December 28, 2013

Embracing the dark


Wintertime is dark in the north.  Everything everywhere has a moody gray mantle.  I fight back sometimes, and knit things that are yellow, but mostly we just light candles and sort of embrace these twilight-y days and try not to see them as gloomy.  I turn to the experts, and become a devotee of all things hygge.  Actually, just saying “hygge” out loud makes me smile.  It’s the little things.  Check this out, you’ll wish you were snowed in. 


There has been a great lot of snow.  Sometimes, big heaps of it suddenly crash down and slide off our metal roof, a mini avalanche, which sounds like something scary is trying to break in, and which makes everybody sit up all wide-eyed and say whatwasthat?  The dog jumps up and barks crazily at the noise, and I say shush, it’s okay.  Heart still pounding. 


I sew nighties out of flannel.  Flannel is a balm.  Flannel nighties are a talisman against the cold and dark.  It is what I can do.