Monday, December 30, 2013

Striped Garter Stitch Cowl


Oh garter stitch!  You are the bee’s knees. 


This cowl is made from stuff I already had, worked back and forth on forty stitches—I think—using US 6 needles and changing colors as I felt like it, until it seemed long enough to wrap twice around my neck, then I bound it off, sewed the short ends together, and crocheted on an edging.


I’m so happy to have found a use for that bright yellow yarn.  Here’s a nugget of wisdom—if you pair a crazy bright with something neutral in close quarters, as in these two-row garter stitch stripes, the neutral can take some of the zing out of the crazy color.  Neutrals can also make brights shine like mad, too, acting as a foil for their brilliance, and the only way I can know which way it will go is to give it a try and see what happens.  Luckily, doing that is the most fun thing in the world.  Color theory fascinates me.


It’s pretty big.  Very snuggly.  Mmmmmm.