Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sunny Snow Day








I woke today to six inches of new snow, and the sky as high and clear as a bluebell, a summer sky, odd with Christmas on the ground and the frosted trees looking like birthday cakes.  That lucky combination means that every corner of this old house is just gleaming with light.  I cleared the driveway, then made coffee and sat knitting, trying not to see all the dusty tabletops and animal hair tumbleweeds that get suddenly exposed by a bright day.  There, that’s the weather report.  I feel like my whole life is tied to the weather, do you feel that way, too?   It affects me so much—the light, or the pervasive dampness, or the sleepy lethargy of a sultry July, or the arduous trek to the mailbox in the winter.  Anyway, this is Manu by Kate Davies.  I am having so much angst about my yarn choice, which I am afraid might not be fuzzy enough, and even more angst about the well-loved circular needle I’m using, which keeps coming apart in two different ways, leaving loose stitches just swinging in the wind, and how I know I have at least five more needles of the same size, but cannot find any of them, which means they are all probably involved in unfinished projects that have gone so long unfinished that I don’t even remember what they are and where I’ve hidden them.   Every year, around this time, it occurs to me that I really should Get It Together.  Dust something, clean out a cupboard.  Cook more often.  Organize the laundry room.  I really want to do all those things, but I’ll probably just knit instead.