Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sunny Snow Day








I woke today to six inches of new snow, and the sky as high and clear as a bluebell, a summer sky, odd with Christmas on the ground and the frosted trees looking like birthday cakes.  That lucky combination means that every corner of this old house is just gleaming with light.  I cleared the driveway, then made coffee and sat knitting, trying not to see all the dusty tabletops and animal hair tumbleweeds that get suddenly exposed by a bright day.  There, that’s the weather report.  I feel like my whole life is tied to the weather, do you feel that way, too?   It affects me so much—the light, or the pervasive dampness, or the sleepy lethargy of a sultry July, or the arduous trek to the mailbox in the winter.  Anyway, this is Manu by Kate Davies.  I am having so much angst about my yarn choice, which I am afraid might not be fuzzy enough, and even more angst about the well-loved circular needle I’m using, which keeps coming apart in two different ways, leaving loose stitches just swinging in the wind, and how I know I have at least five more needles of the same size, but cannot find any of them, which means they are all probably involved in unfinished projects that have gone so long unfinished that I don’t even remember what they are and where I’ve hidden them.   Every year, around this time, it occurs to me that I really should Get It Together.  Dust something, clean out a cupboard.  Cook more often.  Organize the laundry room.  I really want to do all those things, but I’ll probably just knit instead.   


  1. I think knitting is the best thing to do right now. The other stuff can wait. :)

  2. My sentiments exactly.'re being practical. Knitting is sort of like putting on another sweater and you're just keeping warm right?

  3. I love the bright, crisp days....oh but I hate how they show up fingerprinted windows! urgghh, I don't know why freshly cleaned windows are such an attraction to grubby little fingers. I give up and barely notice them most of the time....except when the sun shines bright! Snow on the ground and bright skies is a really wonderful combination though!

    Gosh I so envy you and your wonderful knitting skills. I really need to find a class in my area to try and learn some basics and get better practiced. I can just about do a k1 p1 and that's the extent of it! It would be really nice to pick up some needles and feel confident with them! One day!

    Your home looks so cosy and inviting. Enjoy the snow and stay snuggly too!

    Take care

    Vanessa xxxx

  4. There is nothing so cosy as being wrapped up warm inside and enjoying the view outside! And knitting, whatever the weather, is the No.1 occupation of choice, as far as I'm concerned! (also helps if it's accompanied by tea and hot buttered toast! ;-p)

  5. Looking really cozy from here. I have been on a major de clutter while the littlies are at school and have thrown so much away but at the end of each manic clear out there is always time to knit before I go and get them from school. Jo x

  6. Oh definitely keep knitting -its always the best plan. No such lovely weather conditions here - just fog, mist and more fog !
    Stay cosy and warm.

  7. I really want ot do those things too, well I really need to get them done, that is different than wanting to do them. The sweater is going to be beautiful, no more angst.

  8. I think I am in the same state. I have been antsy and yet lazy at the same time. The weather is so much a part of it I think! When the sun is out and bright in the day I want to accomplish things and get stuff done and then it very quickly sets and by 5:00 PM my motivation is gone. It's not my fault if I can blame the sun right!?

    - J

  9. Oh what a lovely post. Knitting is absolutely what you should do right now. That's what winter is for I think. Your Manu looks lovely so far. Keep your nerve, the yarn will be fine, I'm sure!

  10. know the feeling - knitting and sewing win over housework everytime

  11. It is so annoying when you know that you have something and you can't find it - or you borrow something from one project to use on another and then you can't remember what goes back with what! Just keep on knitting and ignore the dust bunnies - they won't go anywhere! xx

  12. I am on a crochet roll at the moment! Christmas is a long way off ..... Isn't it?

  13. Well, Kristen, I have a weather focused life, too. I think I inherited it from my father, a farmer, who could have been a meteorologist.

    As for finding lost needles occupied in postponed projects, do you have any idea how long I spent looking for mine the other day?!?!?! I don't, but I know it was too long!!! You are brilliant to ignore the distractions around you and knit what you have in hand!!! [...the secret to your skilled, prolific,creative output?]

    It is raining, 37F here, and our ponds are still covered with ice. My electric pretend fire in the fireplace is pumping out some heat, and I am going to stop typing to you and crochet some more wreath ornaments...ignoring the cobwebs and other
    distractions. [...trying to follow your good productive example :) ] xx

  14. Kristen, I was right with you about all in this post (even if down here in NYC we still haven't had a proper snowfall.) Light is so important. Dust is so ignorable when good knitting beckons. The Manu design is a beauty, and I will eventually find some time to visit Ms. K Davies site. I do like her style.

    I've got two days off beginning tomorrow. I don't even need to put knitting on my little will find its way to the top of the agenda even without pen and paper.


  15. I often ask myself the question " Clean the house or crochet/quilt?" Crochet/quilt always wins... hence the reason the dinner dishes are still in the sink... :)

  16. I know circular needles are supposed to be easy peasy to use, but somehow I just don't get along with them at all... so love to see projects on circular needles that other ladies make, and yet again tell myself I will try them, again, sometime.

  17. Always crochet or knitting wins out!!!!!
    Loved reading this post.... and why wouldn't I? it mirrors and validates my beliefs LOL!!! Looking forward to the sweater's reveal.

  18. Knitting with snow on the ground...sounds wonderful. I'm always checking the weather app on my phone. The forecast does seem to set the mood and choices for the day.
    Secretly coveting your collection of creamer/pitchers on your shelf.

  19. Dear Kristen,

    I'll swap you weather. At the moment I am sitting here dripping with water flowing down my forehead and onto my glasses because of the heat and high humidity. When I have a shower next, it will be about 10 minutes after that before I need another one, and I haven't even mentioned the horrible bush fires yet that we are having. My problem is that I can see the dust in this bright sun light, but I don't have the energy to do the house cleaning!!!!

    Seriously, I keep buying second hand and new knitting needles for the same reason that you need them now. I can never find the ones I want despite having a large bag of needles almost too big to carry.

    I have just been searching downstairs in a large cupboard and found more UFO's. They can wait till next year as I now have Christmas focused in my tunnel vision and nothing will stop me getting there. If I were you I would keep on knitting. At least you will be warm if you can't do anything about the weather.



  20. Hi Kristen.....I've had my eye on Manu for ages so you must let us know how you find it! That colour is gorgeous ... looks like fudge!!! xxx

  21. I love your design style and everything in your home! At least the things you allow us to see. It's all so cozy, homey and pretty! thanks for letting us in to have a peek!