Thursday, December 19, 2013



When I was a child, chewing gum came in two colors—pink, and this color:


I confirmed this with the doctor, who, when I said, “what color was gum when you were a kid?” said, “Tan.”  Well, according to the marketing department at Louet, the color of this Gems #2 Fine/Sportweight is called “Linen Grey”, and I think it’s that European spelling of “grey” that keeps making me mentally add the word “French” to the color name, but anyhoo, this yarn is that color.  French Linen/French Grey/Grey Linen.  Nice, right?  It’s a great color, but I don’t know if it’s right for this lovely, somewhat flirty design.  Now it just looks like gum.  Especially right here, where you see my extremely skillful attempt at grafting the i-cord bind off. 


Jeepers.  I don’t even know what happened there.  Manu is spending a few days at the sweater spa, napping in front of the fire after a warm bath, and I am spending that time circling and pacing as it dries, thinking about all the ways this thing kicked my butt.  I’m spending more time than usual on choosing the buttons, too, because I think, in this case, they can make or break.


I like those lacy white ones in the middle, but I think they’re too big.  Should the buttons pop or blend?  I don’t even know.  This sweater made me feel like I’ve never made a sweater before.