Monday, January 6, 2014

A good use for flannel


With pajama flannel scraps and at least two delicious remnants of cotton velvet from Anna Maria Horner, I have made another pile of pretty cloths to be used for scrubbing my face.  I have every intention of using them.  I am happy to report that the knitted ones from last time work great and didn’t become horrible after a trip through the laundry, so I am encouraged.  I’m working hard to keep stuff I make from getting precious. 


Inspiration for these came from this book, and the baby blanket project created by Beata at RoseHip.  Seeing them, I wished first for some babies, but then thought of my own face instead.  Actually, it is many thanks to Beata that all my pillowcases are edged in the prettiest cotton lace I can make.  These flannel cloths could have been left plain, but this way is much nicer.  I will not worry about them.  When they get used up, I will simply make more, and it will be fun the second time, too.


The days are so dark.  When the sun peeks out for a minute, everybody looks up and exclaims.  Wow!  I can see the sun.  Weird.  I stop what I’m doing and turn my face toward it, looking up, breathing in. 


  1. Such pretty edging around your flannels !

  2. what a great idea to use up odd bits of flannel......the crocheted edge makes them look really special, Ali

  3. These are a practical and pretty idea! I have some old lace-edged pillow cases in my linen closet ... thank you for the reminder to bring them out for actual use ;) Wendy x

  4. They are so pretty, and you are right to use the things you make, otherwise what is the point of making them, and if you don't use what you have, you can't make more can you! xx

  5. They are fantastic, and I love the clever way you've attached wool to the fabric. Glad you will be using them, they are so nice they deserve to be used. Beautiful tea light holders as well, they look so inviting.

  6. What a good idea, and a fab sentiment, especially at this time of year, to make every day special and not just save things for some magical "best" x

  7. They look scrummy! Love the trims. And I think the things you make should be used and loved too, that's part of what makes them special.

  8. Wow Kristen, you are bringing such colorful, positive energy into this new year.

    I've been knitting a lot in the past months, but you are tempting me to get those crochet hooks looping around again.

    (Do you wash these beautiful face cloths in the machine? If so, I give you even more accolades for bravery.)


  9. I never thought to use flannel for facecloths, but love the look of the ones you have made. My 32 yr old daughter still has the flannel baby blanket with crocheted edging that a friend made for her, and she has used it with her four little girls. After several dreary weeks of fog we are celebrating seeing the sun as well. I am wondering if you are going to be showing us feet of snow at your house from the current storm that I think is upon you. Wrap up in your pretty quilts by the fire while you knit if you can, Kristen :) xx

  10. You've inspired me to crochet edges on things... no pillowcase in the house will be safe! :)

  11. Love these ... and also the knitted ones from your last post. I've been dedicated to knitted dishcloths for a while now but must find some of the 10 million yards of cotton I have lurking in my stash and make some facecloths as well. The beautiful crocheted edgings make them even that much more lovely. And what's wrong with precious ��?
    Oh, and love the stripey scarf too! I've had a similar project in mind lately -- use up those scraps, eh? I'm inspired!

  12. hey are inspired me and but love the clever way you've attached wool to the fabric. Glad you will be using them, i think thats good idea, and a fabric sentiment, especially for now and always, to make every day special a with different ..
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  13. Just love the pretty crochet edging on the cloths - and they must be so soft to use.