Monday, January 6, 2014

A good use for flannel


With pajama flannel scraps and at least two delicious remnants of cotton velvet from Anna Maria Horner, I have made another pile of pretty cloths to be used for scrubbing my face.  I have every intention of using them.  I am happy to report that the knitted ones from last time work great and didn’t become horrible after a trip through the laundry, so I am encouraged.  I’m working hard to keep stuff I make from getting precious. 


Inspiration for these came from this book, and the baby blanket project created by Beata at RoseHip.  Seeing them, I wished first for some babies, but then thought of my own face instead.  Actually, it is many thanks to Beata that all my pillowcases are edged in the prettiest cotton lace I can make.  These flannel cloths could have been left plain, but this way is much nicer.  I will not worry about them.  When they get used up, I will simply make more, and it will be fun the second time, too.


The days are so dark.  When the sun peeks out for a minute, everybody looks up and exclaims.  Wow!  I can see the sun.  Weird.  I stop what I’m doing and turn my face toward it, looking up, breathing in.