Thursday, January 2, 2014

Living well


That week between Christmas and New Year’s Day has kind of an effect on me.  I get to wanting to get stuff organized.  I deep-cleaned the house, and went all Cath Kidston on the bathroom, knitting a pile of face cloths with crocheted edges that are so cute and so pretty that I’m sure you can understand how I hesitate to use them.  Remember this book, in which she edged all her sheets in lace and used a pretty teacup to scoop soap powder into her washing machine?  I think about that all the time.  Why not have beautiful face cloths?  We are totally worth it. 


There isn’t any pattern to share, but there’s really no need for one.  I simply picked out a cotton yarn in fingering or sport weight, cast on a few stitches, and knitted in whatever stitch pattern seemed interesting until it was a square.  Then I bound it off and crocheted on an edging.  I think I used a US 4 needle for all these, and a US F hook for the edgings.  The yarns I used are all from the stash and some have lost their labels—it is mostly Tahki Cotton Classic Light.  When one was done, I put it on the pile and started another.  


I think this might be one of those ongoing projects that lasts until the big bag of cotton yarn runs out.  Making everyday life nice in 2014!