Friday, January 31, 2014

That Color


First the dye-pot clothes from last week, and now this.  It feels like everything I’m working on right now is this color.  Misty, grayish, lilac.  The color of an illustration of hydrangeas in an antique book about flowers.  There’s still yarn in the stash that’s this color, too, so must be I buy it all the time because I love it a lot. I  did get hit between the eyes with inspiration here, and while that, too, is mostly gray, I don’t think there’s lilac in it.  But it’s still early, and the knitting on it has just begun, and that is a story for another day.


While the knitting moves forward at speed, as is the usual in these parts, although with not much to show in the way of progress, since all knitting is of the plain and of the stockinette and of the one-color variety at the moment, I have been yearning for something to hook.  My hook is just itching to hook.  Must be hooking something!  A basket of mismatched odds and ends will only satisfy for so long, and then a person starts wanting to Accomplish Something.  Then Vanessa made this and when I saw it my heart leapt.


I scrounged some fingering-weight yarns from the cupboard.  Three skeins of Araucania Ranco (that stuff is not soft at all, and I hope a bath will do it some good) and a bunch of other leftovers and doodads; some Rowan 4-ply, some Cascade Heritage.  KnitPicks Palette.  It will be a Nordic Shawl very soon, as in I can hardly wait to be done telling you about it so I can go get at it.  All you have to say is the word “Nordic” and I am already getting dewy-eyed with anticipation. 


Dean asked me what I was going to do today.  I just pointed at this.


  1. Annette's Nordic shawl really is beautiful, and I would love to make one myself!! I hope that you love it, I look forward to seeing it when it is finished. xx

  2. Love, love, love the colour. Its all about grey right now...
    Kate x

  3. Chrissie from Chrissie crafts is making this too. So it has hit me twice in a week. A great way to use up the bits. I love a good stash clear out. Jo x

  4. Lovely shades of blue. I love the shawl, and I'm looking forward to seeing your version. I hope you have a happy weekend of crochet.

  5. Yummy color!!!!! Decided to turn what I had begun as an afghan for my son and his wife into a shawl for myself... The ghan is meant to be king size and I felt as if I'd never get it finished in the manner I had been working.... so I took out a few rows in 2 colors I had recently added and Am calling it complete (save for the border I will add when the ghan is finished... ) Began anew yesterday on the ghan and instead of stripes I Am now making a giant granny!!!! Will send photos via email!!! Have a great weekend. xox

  6. Annette's shawl looks like a great pattern. Still trying to figure out how to squeeze that project into the lineup. I loved Vanessa's version too!. As usual, your color choices are delicious.

  7. Kristen, that soft color is one that I am also drawn to, over and over. I have other favorite hues, and sometimes have such difficulty breaking out into new territory...then discover that something "foreign" will actually enhance the colors I so love.

    Think you've already discovered this when you added that yellow-y green to your usual palette. Isn't color wonderful!


  8. I am in love with grey as well, just can't get enough of it it would seem! Love the colours you're working with for your Nordic Shawl as well they're lovely! Is it just me or is this Nordic Shawl really getting around? It's enough to make a girl think she needs to jump on the bandwagon and fast!

    - J

  9. Gorgeous colour yarns, and the Nordic shawl will be wonderful! Enjoy the making of it!
    Gill xx
    P.S made the yummy pineapple cookies at the weekend - all gone!

  10. I've been humming & hawing about making a shawl too ... I want to make something bigger than a hat & mitts, but not anything that I'd be disappointed with if it didn't fit (ie a sweater). A shawl seemed a good option. This Nordic shawl looks really cute! You must be almost finished by now! Wendy x

  11. Annette's Nordic shawl really is beautiful, and I would love to make one myself!! I hope that you love it, I look forward to seeing it when it is finished.Top Ten Web Hosting Reviews