Monday, February 17, 2014

Rocky Road, coming along


In progress is Rocky Road by Heidi Kirrmaier, who is so, so good.  She just understands how a sweater should be shaped, how a pattern should be written.  Heidi gets me.  How did she know I only have sixteen rows’ worth of patience at a time for moss stitch?  I went on the hunt for a cardigan pattern because—what else?—I was sitting here feeling chilly, and it has absorbed me completely, so now I haven’t got anything to show for the last few days but this big pile of knitting, and that is okay with me.  I think it is going to be a blanket with sleeves.  I can’t believe how many times I’ve gotten distracted by snowboarding on television and had to rip back, but luckily, as my husband correctly points out, knitting is fun, right? 


This winter has been just relentless, for everyone, everywhere.  I am getting stir-crazy, so we went to the movies yesterday, to see The Monuments Men.  Nobody in the theater was under forty, all of us taking a brief respite from doing our crossword puzzles and listening to NPR and watching Downton Abbey.  Our movie theater has been transformed into an enormous den full of lounge chairs, which makes any movie seem worthwhile, even though it is now also making people bring stadium blankets and take off their shoes.  First the fedora goes out of fashion, and now this.  Civility is out the window.  Thoughts:  Jean Dujardin, not just a pretty face.  Is he wonderful, or what?   Also, I am so ready to see some real art, in person.  I suddenly realize how provincial my little life is, and how many beautiful things are out there in this wide world, and how much I don’t want to miss.  I want to see Cezanne’s brush strokes.  This castle.  Must get out more. 


  1. Kristen - I am in the midst of Heidi's "Nanook" and absolutely love the way she writes patterns as well. I like to make lists and outlines and this is how she writes patterns - so much easier than circling numbers inside parenthesis don't you think? I love this Rocky Road pattern and will cue this up next - thank you!

  2. That is such a snuggly looking cardigan! I have a little bit of cabin fever, too. And Jean Dujardin is wonderful, no doubt about it.

  3. Hi Kristen,

    Nice colour, nice cardigan.
    And wow, its name is GREAT (Rocky Road) so full of promise.
    You must absolutely rock wearing it.

    from Belgium

    Have a look at my givaway:

  4. Such beautiful colour and texture, it's going to be lovely.

  5. First off: LOVE the new header. My husband is reading Monuments Men, and I really want to see the movie.
    Since we live in a small town, it seems as if I go through life with blinders on. Every once in a while we jump in the car, head to San Francisco and go to the MOMA, where I feel as though I'm rejoining the rest of the word.
    The sweater, as usual, is going to be a beaut. Gray rocks.

  6. Kristen, this winter is also beginning to get to me...a bit.

    Your textured-stitch knitting looks so good...the pale grey really allows your fine knitting to show its stuff.

    I laughed a bit at your description of your local cinema. It sounds so very different from the usual NYC movie theatres that I visit...and I admit that I don't see as many movies as I used to. I've got some days off this week and am dedicating myself to catching up on some Oscar nominees. Today I saw Philomena at The Paris cinema, right next door to Bergdorf's, then stopped into Bergdorf's for a little stroll around to see what was on offer. A true retail museum.

    Back home, it was knitting all afternoon. Tomorrow we might get more snow. I plan to stay in my own neighborhood and try to see American Hustle, with popcorn.

    And more knitting as a chaser.

    It's still far too cold to venture over to the icy paths of Central Park to see how that landscape is faring. I've had to rely on some views from a 79th Street crosstown bus window for my nature.

    If your museum longing does result in your coming south to NYC for a museum visit or three, please do let me know. I would love to meet you.

    Meanwhile, happy knitting. xo

  7. Monuments men:Great Actors,nice movie and interesting not known enough story.worthwhile a watching !

  8. It just started snowing here....again! Your knitting is looking wonderful and the moss/seed stitch is one of my favorites too!
    I'm looking forward to seeing The Monuments Men...I love all the actors in it. Your link to the Neuschwanstein Castle was fascinating! Thanks!
    More knitting is order for today or perhaps a x-c ski outing.

  9. Ooh, love the colour of the yarn you've chosen. I once knitted an entire jacket in moss stitch ... it nearly killed me!

  10. Oh I love this pattern. I can't wait to see the finished sweater.