Saturday, March 15, 2014

Nae scarf, and more bumps in the sewing road


Another easy-peasy knit scarf has come off my needles.  This one is Nae by Anat Rodan.  And look at that yarn, mmmmm.  It is Malabrigo Sock, in Ochre.  I love that antique gold color.  Straw and pollen and honey.  Malabrigo is the softest yarn in the world, I think. 

Notice, too, the dress underneath it:


Taupe voile, silky-soft, it looks like my mother’s Girl Scout uniform from 1950, which, by the way, is the best possible recommendation as far as I can tell.   Sadly, due to the, er, clingy quality of the very delicate fabric, contrasted against the backdrop of my, er, largely sedentary self, this dress might my most beautiful failure.  From Clothing for everyday wear by Yoshiko Tsukiori , it is so pretty, but also pretty unflattering; this is the second time in a row I’ve forgotten that I am not a waif, but I refuse to be deterred.  I love the designs in that book, and I will sew something I can wear.  On the hunt now for some lightweight linen, preferably in (wait for it) mushroom gray.  Any ideas? 


Oh, that’s a nice palette.  Worth it, just for that.