Friday, April 4, 2014

Rainy day project


It is raining and blowing so hard today, a bashing rain, slamming against the windows, giving me that feeling of being at sea.  Howling outside.  I admit I like it a little bit.  I had to take down the glass lanterns on the porch because they were banging against each other.  It is a right blustery one.  Any minute now, Piglet might go sailing by in a bucket.  A beautiful, perfect day to stay indoors and have coffee, and listen to the dryer tumble the clean clothes, and knit. 

These are my sock scraps.  You might remember this and this and this, and still there are so many, and at some point a decision has to be made:  I’m either saving them for something or I’m not. 


Okay, I am.  It’s another Big Project.  There’s nothing better!