Monday, April 21, 2014

Sunshine Skirt, revisited


I’ve gone back into battle with the Sunshine Skirt, this time in fingering weight yarn—a sock yarn blend of wool, nylon, and alpaca.  It’s the color of burlap, which has been giving me some pause (“Will I wear this?  Do I like it?  Does it look as much like garden twine as I think it does?”) but the bigger problem so far has been the shaping decreases.  You make two identical panels and then crochet them together up the sides, and the panels are supposed to gently taper toward the waistband—see the schematic there?—but that isn’t what happens.  Mine is a mess, and I am forced to conclude that either this pattern is full of problems or else I am a total fail at shaping in crochet.  (I’m betting it’s me.)  Also, I’m not sure that in the end it will wrap around my entire self.  Measure the piece, measure me.  Measure again.  Triple check.  Hope for a blocking miracle.  Working on this thing did entertain me so well yesterday that I lost myself in the hooking and sat in the sun too long and now look like a boiled lobster (I know, Mom.  I know.)  My daughter said, “You got sunburned already?  It’s only April.  Settle down!”  I will put aloe on it.  I will wear sunblock.  I will persevere.  This skirt will not defeat me twice. 

I made a bunch more squares, and a bunch more squares.  I painted a painting.  I cleaned up the yard, mopped stuff, washed clothes.  I went to two parties and successfully resisted dessert at both, which feels impossibly virtuous.  I am gobbling up Ann Patchett’s new collection of essays.  Did you know Ann is a knitter?  It always comes back to the yarn.