Monday, May 19, 2014

Good life


It is lush.  I am not equal to the photography of it, though I am honestly trying to learn.  I read and don’t understand the camera manual—I am so stymied by all the technical terms and I can’t remember the difference between optical and digital zoom, and I cannot grasp any of it, this dumb machinery, I just want to make things, sheesh! Anyhoo.  It’s just awfully pretty right now, and sometimes the only thing to do is to sit down in the middle of it and appreciate.  For this purpose, I have a splintery old pair of Adirondack chairs which I have had so long they are probably starting to turn vintage, and they are comfy as long as you don’t want to shift around too much, which is usually fine because if I flop down in one of them on the sunny patio, it gets lazy right away and there goes the day.  A couple of pillows would be nice, though:


My last trip to the crafty thrift store yielded one of those books of fabric samples, all indoor/outdoor fabrics, where each pattern has three color choices and two complimentary fabrics, for $1.95. 


I made a whole bunch of pillows.  I used the pretty flowery prints for one side and the plainer, striped fabrics that match them for the other.  I stitched the two together around three sides, turned them right side out, filled them with cheap stuffing, and blind-stitched the openings shut.  Nothing fancy, no piping or envelope closures or zippers, no, none of that.  They’ll spend most of the summer outdoors, fading a little I’m sure and getting blessed by passing birds, and I’m not worried about it.  I might remember to bring them inside if it rains.  Two dollars.  It’s going to be even harder to get up now.