Thursday, May 8, 2014



I am deep in the big projects.  I almost used the word “mired” there, but that’s not really right, because I don’t feel the least bit stuck or bored or in a hurry to be done with any of them.  There is no rush at all.  They are so satisfying, with their interminable plodding, the tiny increments in which they are showing progress.  This scarf, in laceweight yarn on US 4 needles, has been languishing in my work basket for a really, really long time, and whenever I pick it up, I think I am never going to be finished with this, but then I start knitting and the rows add up at a rate so microscopic as to require scientific tools for measuring it, and it just feels great.  I am still working on this.  Still, still, still.  It accompanies my life, this scarf.


This is the plainest of projects, a rectangle in stockinette stitch, to be blocked like mad at the finish, which will (hopefully) result in a something gossamer, a cloud of lace.  I will knit it until the yarn runs out, and as of  now, there is still a whole great big bunch of yarn left.  There were moments in the past with this scarf when I felt like screaming—I noticed a dropped stitch once, somewhere about eight inches back from the needle, and there is no saving that except to rip back and fix it—and I probably did scream a little, which is fine because a little screaming here and there is right and good, but then I picked it up again and just kept going; knit, purl. 


Then there is the sock yarn blanket.  These squares are happening on their own, I swear.  I have no idea how many there are (maybe around thirty so far?), and no idea how many I’ll need in the end.  150-ish?  200?  I don’t know.  I’ll figure that out at some point.  Each one takes about an hour, and they are mildly interesting.  Not madly; I can’t say I really die for these sock yarn squares, but they have been accumulating in spite of that.   The project is proceeding apace.  It all feels very slow, and that is a delightful place to be right now.  There is work all around me, getting done, here and there. 


  1. I agree; there's something therapeutic about working on a repetitive, large project. Enjoy :-)

  2. I usually have a couple of projects going on. One is a repetitive, no-thinking type and the other is more of a use your brain type. I love both for providing what I need at the time. I really like both your scarf and the sock blanket squares.

  3. At the moment I have no repetitive projects going on and I'm a bit sad about that because it's nice to settle down with Netflix and a no-thinking project :)

  4. I like to have a no-brainer on the go for when I NEED it to calm me and let me repeat, repeat, repeat without thinking - bliss! I think the squares are going to be crazy when they are all joined together. Jo x

  5. I am so happy I found your blog.
    Such a delight to read in the morning.
    Gives me loads of inspiration and joy!!

    Isn't the world a wonderfuL place to be?
    Especially when we're creating something!
    Carry on—

  6. I like the idea of a sock yarn blanket, another one to add to the list!

  7. Kristen, I have just completed a fair isle project knit in DK gauge...larger than my usual needles were in play. Now I am back to the 7 or 8 stitches to the inch scale fair isle, with another webby lace weight yarn shawl on some other needles. Neither of these projects takes too much concentration, but enough to keep the knitting interesting.

    Your stockinette stitch is delicately beautiful. I know that the eventual blocking will make it even more lovely.

    Now...those sock yarn squares are looking very good. The patchwork afghan I knit ages ago from my then accumulation of 4 ply yarns explored all sorts of fair isle designs, and even now give me a sampler reference for current projects. Yes, knitting those oblongs (none of mine were really square) took forever, but I enjoyed every stitch.

    A final question. Have you made a decision about the patchwork quilt solid color squares?


    1. Yes, a decision has been made--more to come! :)

  8. after cracking out 4 (yes 4!) double size bed blankets (crochet! yikes!) during the winter of 2012/2013 ... I have yet to finish a granny squares, Cath Kidston inspired crochet bedspread (king size! what am I thinking?!?!) Of course, granny squares are fairly mindless! I like that because I don't watch tv, but I do listen to programs on youtube and I like to keep my hands busy whilst listening

  9. I love the white lacy rectangle looks like it will be light and lovely... Just right for summer nights when it is a bit cold outside :) can't wait to see what will be of the square blanket.

  10. Your scarf is going to be beautiful and lacy when finished it already looks filmy and delicate. It's nice to have a simple easy to knit project to pick up whenever and not have to think about where you were in the pattern. I love the idea of turning your left over dock yarn into a blanket think I will look into that :-)

  11. I have had some fine lace weight wool sitting around for ages. I thought I wanted to do a lacy pattern, but each one I tried drove me to distraction and I pulled it all out. Why,oh why, did I not think of just good old stocking stitch as you have? It looks so delightfully soft and inviting, the colour is gorgeous, and I can almost imagine the feel of it around my neck. Out comes the lace weight later on...

  12. "Rows add up at a microscopic rate" ... yep, that sounds familiar. My forever-project is a black easy lace wrap and at present the screaming prevails. This might change after reading your post.
    To travel for travel's sake - I will try. Thank you, Carina.

  13. there is something so satisfying with long projects that you have at the ready. I love laceweight yarns and knitting with them. Can't wait to see the sock blanket.....I've toyed with making one myself.

  14. It is good to have a mixture of need to concentrate on and can just do projects I think isn't it! Your shawl/scarf will be beautiful when it is done though I am sure. xx

  15. What type of lacy yarn you are using? It's very pretty, can I have the name and brand please?

  16. Hi Kirsten,
    You have inspired me to go back to a lacy project I had started a while ago... Thanks for the inspiration. I have mentioned your blog on my post today :)

  17. I can't believe you still have enough sock yarn left over to make a whole blanket. Amazing!
    I have a secret lace weight scarf project in my cupboard. After seeing this, I am motivated to bring it out and do more than just look at the three inches I have crocheted. Maybe I will add another inch : )

  18. I know exactly how you feel. Most of my projects are of the slow burn, almost imperceptible growth variety, and as I always have a few on the go that slows me down even more. It's not necessarily the best approach for we bloggers with readers eager to discover what we've been up to but I think it's the best approach to crafting.

  19. Oh I know these long time projects... There's a fluffy shawl sleeping in my crafts corner, too. Maybe I should take it up again ;-). Yours looks so lovely, great yarn and color, like a feathery cloud ♥