Friday, May 2, 2014

To cut or not to cut




I am paralyzed with indecision.  I want to be stitching these blocks together, so badly, but when the fabric store didn’t have the Plan A color (some kind of warmish gray brown, a faded apron color, a mushroomy color, maybe with a hint of purple?  Purplish-grayish-brown?  I don’t want much…) I stood there with one knuckle in my mouth, saying Great. Now what?  This blue/gray was Plan B.  it’s kind of steely.  It may or may not be sucking all the light out of my pieced blocks.  There was a fantastic turquoise, a couple food colors—claret, celery—and a blue that seemed possible until I saw that the color name was “candy”.  If that one had been called “chambray” I might not be having this problem right now.  I toyed with “pool” and “khaki”.  Eventually I just got sick of dithering and bought the gray.  Came home,threw it on the table, looked at it from every angle, went back and forth about it for too long, and spent the morning knitting and doing laundry instead.