Monday, June 30, 2014

Chairs, pillows, design


I recently found a pair of chairs in a thrift shop.  They weigh a ton and they look like thrones, and I am mad for the dusty pink velvet upholstery, but they’re presenting a challenge; namely, how to keep them from making the whole room look like Barbie’s dream house.  I spent five minutes making some eensy pillows using wacky upholstery samples and a skirt that didn’t fit me anymore, which seems to be helping.  


I don’t know a thing about design, so this is how the process works for me:  if something is too glamorous or pink or frilly, I feel it’s time to add something brown or beat up or weird, just to bring things back to center.  My lack of design skills frustrates me a lot, actually, because I really want to be good at it, and I just stab around in the dark and get lucky sometimes, and fail mostly, but I am so intrigued by it all.  When it works, for anybody, I really love it, and then I think How did they ever know to use that blue?  and I know I never would have thought of it, and part of my trouble is that I kind of like everything.  Sparkly Victorian chandeliers?  Yes.  Granny blankets in every color?  Yes!  Funny taxidermy?  YES!


Figuring out how to reconcile all that into one little house is how I have fun in this life.