Thursday, June 19, 2014

Halfway, maybe




There are fifty-two of these now, which seems like about halfway to a blanket.  So much yarn still remains.


I know I could’ve worked these squares all together in long strips, like scarves, and then just had the long seams to join at the end, but this way I get that frisson of accomplishment each time one gets bound off.  They stay manageable, they fit in my purse, they take an hour.  It’s the little things. 

I was going to make a jersey skirt today, with instructions from this book.  I’ve been meaning to make that skirt forever, but every time I look at the pattern and see again all the math and measuring, and even though I assume it will be easy enough once I get going, and even though I’m not even going to do all that wonderful reverse applique but am just wanting a plain old brown knit skirt (to keep the drafts out while I wear the hippie tablecloth skirt over it) I keep putting it off.  Tomorrow, I’ll do it; I’ll do the math and measure myself, and I’ll track down my ball-point machine needles, and I’ll persuade Miss K to sew jersey knit fabric again.  She’ll do it, she’s a good egg.