Thursday, July 10, 2014

Learning about light


I’m sure the last thing you feel like sitting through is another of my gilded rhapsodies about the glories of summer—I am bored with myself on the subject, to be honest, but manoman, I am so compelled.  The amount of miserable complaining I do all winter is in direct correlation to the many gorgeous hours spent basking and luxuriating in summer.  All I’ll say is this:  in summer, I am ALIVE.  The more sultry it is, the better I feel.  What am I doing, living this far away from the Equator?  I know myself, and I want to spend life in flip flops and a sarong.  Anyhoo.


I’m doing a self-taught, DIY, home course in design that so far consists entirely of looking at old issues of House Beautiful magazine, and reading the text, too!  Not just looking at the pictures!  My questions are things like, what color goes with what?  And why does all that sunshine outdoors make the photos of my kitchen look so murky?


There’s so much to learn.  I feel a ruthless paring and a de-stash coming on.  And also, another epic, hand-pieced quilt project, the idea for which came into my head as I was falling asleep, so I dreamed about it; ten thousand tiny squares and my needle.  Nice.