Thursday, July 17, 2014



Knitting.  I know I have too many projects in progress, because I can’t even remember what they all are anymore.  Consequently, the work basket is teetering with yarn and no matter how much I work on all of my half-stitched cardigans and scarves and blankets and wraps, there is no noticeable change in them, but wow, casting on something new is so much fun!  So much promise.  Each time, I just know this is going to be the cardigan that Changes My Life.  It’s no way to finish anything, let me tell you.  This heathery pink waterfall cardigan with its plain but interesting construction and fab-looking lacy rib pattern grabbed me, so I dove in, made a mistake right away, muddled along for sixty rows without realizing the error, and now it sits there while I decide whether to rip it out.  I could just keep repeating the mistake every time, and who would care?  I don’t know.  So I switch to patchwork, which totally has me by the horns right now anyway.  It’s a good thing there are so many different ways to play with needles and string.

Off-topic:  if I were to dye wool yarn using black raspberries, what color do you think would result?  Brown?  Plum?  Soft brownish-pinky gray?  (she said, clasping her hands beneath her chin most hopefully.)  The hedge is teeming with them, and we haven’t even eaten all the jam from last year.