Monday, July 28, 2014

What, another sweater?


I can’t stop starting stuff.  This is no way to get anything done!   My sorry excuse is that I like to have the perfect project, perfect for the occasion, and if I don’t have it already, I will go and get it.  I don’t want to be working on complicated lace right now, or messing with forty-row pattern repeats.  I can’t be keeping track of little markers and sticky notes and having a pen somewhere around here, probably stuck in my hair, and also fully chillaxing at the same time, which is honestly what I want to be doing these days.  It is July, and I live for this time of year, spend nine months out of twelve yearning for warmth and sunshine, so I’m way deep in chillax mode.  I’m letting my hair grow and giving the garden over to the marauding hens.  My friend Ethel gave me some of her homegrown blueberries, and we had them in pancakes, for dinner.  Pancakes for dinner is the very best.


Sometimes, let’s face it, a girl needs a bit of plain work, for when you can’t be checking a pattern, or constantly measuring something, or hunting down the cracks between the sofa cushions for your embroidery scissors; nope, you need something where you can just go, go, GO, for endless miles.  This is where I’m at right now.  Like a yarn road trip to somewhere mildly interesting.  I’m spending the sunny days being lazy and getting sleepy in the sun, sprawled in a ten dollar bamboo chair with a new cushion cover, surrounded by weeds that are actually taller than I am—and I’ve got a book on one knee and an iced coffee melting on the grass beside me, and simple work is the only way to go.  So I’ve started a Lady Kina, spotted first on Vanessa’s [gorgeous!] Pinterest boards, and using four skeins of Berroco Vintage from the stash.  Plain knitting, for hours and hours, worked while half-snoozing, nibbling apricots.  I am lazier than an old cat full of mice.