Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Color Block Crochet Scarf


I made a scarf, and now it is freakishly warm outside, not that I’m complaining about that for even one microsecond. The sky looks like it wants to dump buckets and leaves are flying all over the place but it’s kind of warm enough for shorts.  I want to open a window, but leave the fireplace burning…odd.   I do not understand this season, nope, I do not.  I don’t know what to do with warm and gloomy.  Anyway.  I got a little bit temporarily fed up with knitting the other day, and I just felt like I wanted to crochet something, so I scrounged up five skeins of worsted weight wool and made this scarf (the recipe is here).  I used a US G hook and Ella Rae Classic in 101 (heathery denim) and 124 (squirrel brown), Jo Sharp Classic in 911 (lovely olive) Patons Classic in Winter White, dyed by me with avocado pits to be sort of a pale sienna, and Berroco Vintage in some kind of navy heather—the ball band for that one is lost.  I’m sorry, I can hardly keep track of those things even when I’m trying really hard.  I don’t know what that’s about.  I think you could make this scarf in a day if you didn’t get too interrupted by life.  With life-related interruptions, give yourself three days, no problem. 


It kind of made itself, while I was busy having a flashback nostalgia freakout watching a whole bunch of episodes of Welcome Back, Kotter.  (The theme song from that show!  Right?  Or is it just me?)