Monday, November 10, 2014

Neon and buttermilk


It has been a craft tornado around here.  A craftnado.  I have got a major case of starting stuff, and I have started about ten new things and there is still a list of things to start that haven’t even been started yet.  Fabric is stacked for auditioning, and there are some knee socks I want, and I think a knit fair isle cape would be so great, must make a few notes on that...  There has been felting and embroidery and painting and metalsmithing (I am not even kidding) and a whole big mess of knitting and crocheting, and the house looks ransacked but I am having a wonderful time.  I seem to be conducting an experiment to find out exactly how many different crafts one middle-aged woman can carry out in one week.  There is a new blanket on my hook, too, the beginning of which is nothing but four skeins of Paton’s Classic in the neon, the glowing, the astoundingly technicolored Lemongrass.  Friends, that much Lemongrass all at once looks kind of terrifying.  Lemongrass can be used in the even of a power outage as an auxiliary light source, did you know that?  I think it will be okay in the end, but Must Get to the Next Color, aaaargh!  It’s melting my eyeballs right now.  Also, My friend Debbie has given me another fleece, and oh mercy me it is so lovely.  Soft and fluffy and the color of buttermilk.  It looks like Santa’s beard.  I was invited to spin some of it at a local fiber festival and church bazaar last weekend, and Ethel took this photo—with her phone--of me in the demonstration room, spinning and yammering away.


My wheel—an Ashford Kiwi—is a blur!  That fiber is completely delicious.  Nobody, not even Debbie, knows what kind it is.  It is sheep’s wool, and that’s all we know, because her sheep are all rescue animals.  Well this fleece is made of buttercups and moonbeams.  It spins effortlessly, and it made me look like a spinning genius, which, I assure you, I am not.  Everyone, everyone, said “That looks so soothing.  Is it soothing?” and it is, completely.  It is like listening to your mother’s heartbeat while sipping chamomile tea in a warm bubble bath, but then I think knitting is soothing too, and this is so interesting to me, because when I am spotted knitting in public, people always say they think it looks difficult, and that it must be frustrating.  Hmm.  There’s a study in there somewhere.

We are barreling headlong towards the holidays now, which sets my crafty cogs to turning.  I feel bursting with creative energy.  In fact, the yarn is calling to me right now.  See ya!