Monday, December 15, 2014



I am in a very plaid mood right now.  I made these stockings the other day, because in spite of us all being grownups around here, Santa is still coming to my house (if he doesn’t look like Tim Allen, I don’t want to know about it, ya’ll) and also because honestly, the attic is so full of stuff that it was frankly easier to make new ones than to find the old ones.  I’m not even kidding.  Besides, these are plaid, and it was fun.  I also threw all caution to the wind and decided, finally, to go ahead and hammer some nails right into the mantel so they could hang properly.  Why not?  It’s my mantel, and nobody will mind but me, and I don’t mind. 


I drew a vaguely stocking-ish shape on a big piece of paper, cut it out and pinned it to a thrifted wool plaid skirt (avoiding the seams) attached a little piece of (also thrifted) handmade lace (I know, right? ) and a gingham lining, and stitched it all together.  It took hardly any time at all, and now my mantelpiece looks like Christmas at Balmoral, if I squint a lot and use my imagination.  Since Tim Allen Santa will be filling these, I made them wide and useful, but I think they’d be great all long and skinny and elf-shoe-shaped, too, with a pointy toe and a jingle bell on the end.  Maybe I’ll make some more. 

In news from the Cheer Up department, looky:


That there is my Mother’s Day orchid, getting ready to bloom again.  You know what?  I can’t even.  It is like a hug from the universe. The halls are decked; the gifts, in an unprecedented feat of efficiency, are finished and wrapped, and I have made Ina’s Pot Roast, which smells so good it makes me swoon.  In a week or two, there will be flowers, which seems like the work of fairies right now, in the middle of the dark side of the year.  Pretty nice.