Thursday, January 15, 2015


O Lemongrass. How utterly you have infiltrated my life! The way you creep into everything and make yourself at home is both endearing and also a little irksome. What if I want a soft, neutral palette? Huh? I know, I hear you, that's not your problem. Your aggressively searing yellow-ness has inched its insidious way into yet another project and dominated it. There is no other word for it; you have bewitched me. I love you, I love you, I love you.
There is much more to tell, and we (Lemongrass and I) await our moment in the photographic sun. This garment (I guess you'd have to call it that) is a pretty epic fail. But I love some parts of it, so much. The sleeves and body came off the needles with lightning speed, and colorwork section was a creative, if knuckle-crushing, thrill. I want to throw seven or eight colors into some part of everything I do now. Ideas spring like dandelions in the garden path.
I did run out of yarn, halfway up the mahooooosive cowl collar. Aargh. But the doctor scoured the universe (okay, he literally stopped at a yarn shop on his way home) and found another skein. Yes, Plymouth has discontinued "Galway Highland Heather, color 745" but they totally still make the EXACT same yarn, now called "Galway Worsted, color 745." So they lost points for that move, but gained them all back again when the new skein flawlessly matched the old yarn I've had since 2005, and which has been a whole sweater once already. Bravo, Plymouth! But. The finished object, however. Fail. I promise I'll show you, but, just, ugh.