Monday, January 19, 2015


All righty, then. I can tell you're looking at this picture and thinking it isn't that bad. That looks like something a person could wear. That looks like a garment. (Which it does, very deceptively. At moments like this I begin to distrust my dressmaker's dummy very deeply.) But it does not actually fit me, not at all. Something went wrong between the body and sleeves (well-fitting) and the yoke (a ridiculous extravagance of yarnage) and that something is GAUGE.


I know, it does look pretty. But see where the "yoke" would hit me? Kind of below the armpits? That ain't right. Friends, there's only one thing to do. Unravel.

Unraveling a mistake or a mess is hard, but really only for a minute. That moment of deciding it's either time to rip it out or to stuff the ill-shaped disaster into a bag in the bottom of a box at the back of the closet is the only rough part of things. Get past that moment, decide to rip, do some math, wind your problem back into its component parts, and get cracking again. It feels, and I mean this, really good.

We'll get there.