Thursday, January 8, 2015

Partridge and Pear


It’s January now and we here in the North are focused on organizing our closets and sitting under our full-spectrum SAD lamps and knitting giant scarves and cowls in a feverish attempt to keep the frostbite at bay, but I wanted to show you these holiday ornaments I made and gave away. It was easy to give them because I love my people a lot and giving handmade things is one of the ways I show them that, but it was also a little bit hard to give them away because look at them.  They are so CUTE.  I wanted to keep them ALL.  There were so many fun hours in these, and I really mean it.  From the color decisions to the stitching on of teeny seed beads, I had a blast.  They are Partridge and Pear by Larissa Holland, and I made so many of them that they didn’t even all make it into the picture.  And I wish you could see the ones (blogless) Michelle made, dang, her stitches are so immaculate, and she did one in lilac and the most indescribably awesome sage-mustard color, which almost sent me back to the store for more felt, until I remembered that I still had kilt hose to finish.  I love little projects like this.  The little packets of beads and curated skeins of floss and stacks of colorful felt; the hours concentrating on one wing.  I really love that.