Sunday, February 1, 2015

Asta, in progress

I'm in the grips of colorwork; color everything, really (wait until you hear the story of that rug up there) and that clever girl Kate Davies has me fully in her yokey clutches. This is Asta Sollilja, halfway up the first sleeve and now I'm racing breathlessly toward the yoke, trying to get there before I forget what I learned last time in case I need it again. The stranded colorwork yoke is the exciting part, the big frosting rose at the corner of the cake.

This unrelentingly cold winter will not get me down. The days are getting longer now. Somewhere behind this murky, ornery sky, I know the sun is there. I'm going to put on some Stevie Ray Vaughan and make brownies today, and knit this gray-with-bits-of-yellow sleeve, and then the other sleeve after that.