Friday, February 13, 2015

Sunlight, captured

I just want to document this, in case I completely forget what it looks like: the sun. Is shining. Look at it glowing in this [fantastic! vintage! Total Partridge Family set piece!] pendant lamp. It's not even on, that's just pure sunlight, magnified by the amber glass. Which is, now that I think about it, exactly why I needed this lamp. Take that, winter!
Ooh, aaah! Lovely. I am knitting monogamously on the pink cabled test sweater and it is looking fantastic, but my knuckles are aching. I might look for something to sew while I take a few minutes off--I've still got all the materials for an orange corduroy jacket with polka dot lining and wood toggle buttons all lined up and ready to go, but now that it is -6 degrees F, I'm not sure it'll be very practical in the near future. Maybe I'll just sit in this window, next to that blazing sunbeam, and keep knitting.