Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Crafting in place

I'm making small, no-fail things, just for the sense of accomplishment. A quilted zip bag, a lined tablet case, pom poms. A pair of plain socks. I made chocolate chip cookie dough and didn't even bake the cookies, I just ate the dough with a spoon, because baking them is where it always goes wrong and honestly, I like them oven-free just as well. Maybe better. I cleaned my closet and donated about twenty purses to the Goodwill, then I made a purse. I made a skirt from last year's pattern and it didn't fit [see "cookie dough", above] so I donated that, too. Wheels are spinning here in every possible sense--fleece becomes yarn on my Ashford Kiwi, my mind whirls with crafty ideas, and as more snow continues to fall, we get the car stuck in our own driveway every other day. I compose letters in my head: Dear Siberia, Please stop coming over the North Pole and dropping Canada on me. Thank you.