Sunday, March 8, 2015

Getting it right

I joked about making a spreadsheet for keeping track of my too-many projects, but then I did it and now I feel better. It's actually just a list, but somehow doing that made everything seem more collected and orderly and made me feel like I might get around to all of it eventually. Also, it reminded me about this hand-pieced quilt that's been in progress since last summer and which I kind of forgot about. I could have been keeping the winter heebies at bay with this. Forehead slap.
It also suddenly seems possible to finish this pink cabled thing, although I'm totally winging it at this point and the result could fall anywhere on a wide spectrum ranging from awesome to disaster. Taking a break from it was a fine thing, because I feel like I can see a clear path to the finish, but you never know.
The sun is shining right now, but not before it did this earlier:
That drift is eight feet high. Focusing on the good stuff--I went out last night with friends and there was Guinness and coziness and a pair of guitar players with sleeve tattoos and beard stubble, who played "Blackbird" and that Jason Mraz song that seems so impossible. It was shoulder to shoulder in the tiny pub, and we had to essentially make out with people just to get to the bathroom, but spending a couple hours six inches away from your friends, yelling the choruses to Blues Traveler songs and wallowing in 90's nostalgia while a Christmas-like snowfall blankets the streetlights is not bad for a Saturday.
I just heard a big chunk of melting ice slide off the roof. Progress.