Friday, March 20, 2015

My Marilyn

This all began when Marilyn went to the dentist. I resolve not to bore you with any more of my frustrations. This innocent little project has been such an undeserving magnet for them, and my whining bubbles right to the surface with every roadblock I encounter--and I'm still encountering them, even though this pullover has been finished for a week, and worn with much success and approbation. There is a photo of me wearing it, but I can't...there's a Ravelry page for this project, but it won't...this is my version of my good friend Deb's reverse-engineered Marilyn's Cabled Pullover. The short version of the story is this: Marilyn, a tiny little lady with a lot of style wore a practically child-size pullover like this to her dental appointment, where Deb, the dental assistant, went into swoons of admiration over the detailed cable and eyelet stitch pattern that criss-crossed the whole entire store-bought thing. Marilyn later loaned Deb the garment, and Deb went over it with the thorough coverage of a forensic scientist, photographing it from every angle and making copious notes. She swatched until her fingers fell off. She measured. She tried a bunch of different yarns, figured out how to make a chart (or nine) and then carried the project back and forth with her everywhere, working on it in public and in our weekly needlework group meeting (where I work on things like garter stitch blanket squares and plain socks and lately also the eternal seed stitch wrap, which makes no discernible headway whatsoever) and meanwhile, Deb was there with her millions of charts and papers and markers spread around her, and she still managed to keep up her end of the conversation, all the while knitting and ripping back and re-knitting and by god figuring it out. She spent six months doing that, and then she strolled in one day, wearing the dang thing. I am in awe of the skills it takes to look at an object this intricate and decode it, and then not only to do that but to write it all down coherently enough for a dolt like me to follow it. I did my best. Hers is way better. You should look it up in Ravelry--she's DKattheCove. I wish I could link that for you, but it won't...
You might like to know that the yarn we both used is Lion Brand Wool-Ease--mine is Blush Heather. The color of that is pretty much perfect.