Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sock, Cardigan, Irene

I'm knitting another brown cardigan. This is the third try for this yarn, which is a warm chocolate with lots of red in it, and I keep getting halfway up the last sleeve and changing my mind about the pattern. I'm already not confident about this one either, and maybe it's the yarn, I don't know. It's been wound/knit/rewound/reknit so many times that the ball bands are long gone, but I'm pretty sure it's Cascade 220. I don't even know if there's enough yarn in the bag--why am I even knitting this thing? Luckily, there's always a plain sock lying around here somewhere, waiting to be worked on. I did a whole bunch of knitting while waiting around these last two weeks, because the doc was very busy:

He played the leading man (swoon!) in our local community theater production of "Irene". Singing! Dancing the tango! Getting slapped! He was handsome and dashing and they made him shave off the beard and mustache, which made his face seem weirdly naked, and just as I got used to it, the thing was over and the mustache was on its way back. He was wonderful, and I was so proud. Bravo, honey!



  1. Wow! Talented man!!! Well done! I know what you mean about frogging and knitting and frogging again... I've been using the same ball of grey yarn for 2 weeks now and have started about 10 different things only to frog them and start something else! Can't settle on something.....must be the time of year...or something in the water? Good luck with yours - I hope the cardi reaches fruition. xxx

  2. I think it is the time of year--it hits me every Spring! You are brave to tackle a sweater and not be sure if you even have enough yarn...yikes. That would make me break out in hives. :)
    Your sock looks warm and cozy and easy and I am looking forward to knitting a plain sock with lovely yarn. For some weird reason the few socks I have tackled have had pretty, but complicated patterning in them and I don't find that relaxing-so I need to get some vanilla socks going.

  3. I'm having the jitters about every cardigan I knit, I think it's just an age thing with me though.
    What a talented man, no wonder you are so proud.

  4. Gorgeous knits and BRAVO for your guy! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. How fun to see your man on stage! High-five to him, and to you and your knitting! Never be afraid to start a project without knowing why -- I do it all the time! ;)

  6. Kristen, bravo to your talented husband, clearly a man of many talents!

    I love the look of that sock yarn. I'm now working on my third pair of spring 2015 socks. Each pair seems to go a bit more quickly than its predecessor.

    It's been ages since I actually knit a cardigan or pullover, and I am considering starting one soon, most likely in some sort of neutral fair isle colorway.


  7. How exciting to see your honey up there performing. Good for him!

  8. I have a jumper like that, am about to frog it again - just hasn't worked out right and I don't love it... maybe it needs to be a cardigan

    And yes, I keep getting distracted by socks and new sock techniques - have to cast on a pair so I can do 2aat

  9. I so enjoyed reading this post. And that yarn looks so nice -- I like the colour.