Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sky drama

It's warm one day, cold the next. Blue sky, then it pours for ten minutes. Dramatic. I spread a quilt on the grass the other day and lay there on the ground, arms spread, as the clouds gathered and darkened, rain sprinkling down. The dog sprawled beside me, snuffling and chewing the grass. It was warm, even without the sun, so we stayed there, getting lightly dripped on, dozing. Summer. I love it so much.


I'm working on this striped pullover, in Berroco Vintage DK and Malabrigo sock. It is slow going, but slow is my pace this time of year. I knit a row, scritch the dog's perfect ears, knit another row, kiss her on the nose, knit some more. She snores a little, I close my eyes for just a minute...

There's another quilt happening, too. Quilts kind of overtake me in the summer. They seem like a warm weather project somehow. I kind of want to make every quilt I see right now.

This one is in low-volume scraps + gray. I think it looks like the world outside my window these days, which is so appealing--rain, sun! Rain again! Wait, it's sunny now! The clouds glide by in a big hurry, the sky behind them is blue, blue, blue. Warm wind, so lovely. Laundry on the clothesline flaps dry in five minutes. Have you seen Lynne's latest project? It's right in the sweet spot between orderly and scrappy. I want to start one just like it immediately, which is no way to get anything done. One quilt at a time!