Thursday, June 4, 2015

Marathon, step one


I don't know why I can't work on small things. All the projects are enormous right now, and this right here is the beginning of a blanket, knitted in garter stitch. For crying out loud. I love/hated working on this, so much stultifying, calming, meditative garter stitch, and I hung up some new curtains that kind of made me want something like that, only different--not extremely different or anything--and just like that, I was at the yarn shop. They start so painlessly, these enormous things, and it's only later that they become arduous and you feel like you're in mile 23 of your marathon. The sock yarn blanket has got that way--mile 23, and I'm climbing a big hill--and it only now occurs to me that this means I have two garter stitch blankets on the needles at the moment, and it makes me wonder whether somebody should feel my forehead.


It got absurdly cold again for a few days and so I did what I always do when I feel chilly and instead of putting on a cardigan I already have, thought to myself, "I need to knit a cardigan" and drew a scribbly doodle representing the one I imagine. The hunt for the perfect cabled cardigan is one of my lifelong projects, apparently. They continue to elude me, but I will never stop looking. I just want something that covers my derriere and doesn't expose my wrists and will meet at the front, without being big and square and shapeless. But then the sun came out again and this hasn't progressed any further.



I made a pillow cover. This is utility crafting at its very best--this was an old, stained, linen napkin I have either had for years or else thrifted, I don't remember, and last fall my pal You-Definitely-Wish-She-Had-a-Blog-Michelle and I dyed everything we could find in a bucket of indigo, and this napkin was one of those things. It was September, and everything we made turned out perfectly, but it all looked very summer, so we (mostly she) commenced to cover everything in plaid and put the indigo goodies on a shelf until now. For the backing, I used a piece of nubbly, oatmeal-colored upholstery fabric from an IKEA slipcover that I bought in their discount section for ten dollars.

This dog thinks all pictures are supposed to be of her.


Maybe she's right.