Thursday, June 18, 2015


It's gotten to the point with this project where I feel I deserve some kind of treat in between completed squares, like I've earned a reward for an hour's garter stitch knitting because it is, what, arduous somehow? This project, the sock yarn leftovers blanket, has lasted too long. My interest in it has fully waned, but it is something like three-quarters finished, which means I've almost reached that moment where the end is in sight, and that always motivates me again, but that hasn't quite happened yet. I start a square, work eight rows, put it down for a week, pick it up again and my brain says This? Still? Really? It looks like I should be weaving in some ends too, so that it doesn't all hit me at the end like a giant slap in the head. I think the too-big projects have really reached critical mass now, and it's time to find something small to make. A little zip-pouch with beads on it, maybe, or fancy mittens. Something. What are you all working on? I need something little and manageable.

Also in garter stitch; this blanket is a balm, honestly. Peace and calm is not my default setting, so this kind of thing is perfect for me; medicinal knitting. It is as plain as anything could possibly be, and there is almost no need whatsoever to look at it as I work. My hands are busy, which quiets my mind, and there are no decisions left to make, and I am free to think about other things as I go, and it grows, slowly but surely. Two colors of worsted weight yarn, US 7 needles. 300-ish stitches across. Breathe. Note to self: this is what the sock yarn leftovers blanket was like in the beginning. Finish this one before you get sick of it.

Catdog surveys her kingdom. She lolls in the grass. She chases a green rubber ball, catching up with it in a tumble, gnaws squeakily at it for a minute, then rolls onto her back, scrubs the top of her head into the lawn. A big, satisfied sigh. Then she's asleep again. It's warm, sunny, drowsy outside. The bumblebees explore the floppy rose blossoms, and I am asleep, too.